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Iíve been fishing since I was a youth growing up on Lake Erieís Sandusky bay. I started fly fishing when I inherited my grandfatherís old fly rod, and to me the possibilities seemed endless. This was even more apparent when I discovered that the store-bought flies werenít tied quite right and began tying my own. That was about ten years ago, and in that time Iíve come to love fly tying and fly fishing both as a means of refreshing the soul. I believe fly tying to be a beautiful, functional art form, and that tiers and fly fishers should not only copy the masters as artists do, but also expand into their own styles and explore all that this marvelous world has to offer. There is always much to learn in fly tying.  I now live in southern Kentucky and enjoy exploring the magnificent wilderness and experiencing all the beauty that the Bluegrass State offers.  If you're traveling through Kentucky and would like information on places to fish or things to see, feel free to contact me through the "Comments" page.

Enjoy the site!  I hope it spurs some creative motivation.

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